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Duet Smart Effector Fan Support

A remix of the support for a part fan duct so it’ll work with my new hotend. This one is a bit more custom but maybe it’ll give someone the starting point I lacked.

I have a Mosquito hotend mounted on to a Duet Smart Effector with a mount from Somehow, there are no part fans for a Mosquito + Duet Effector that came even close to actually working for for me. Eventually though I settled on a 180 degree fan duct for 40x10mm fan. Problem was that the fan wasn’t low enough or even close to centered.

After much prototyping, I arrived at this part. The support gets the duct around 1mm above the print zone and centers it around the nozzle. The photos show it printed in some 3D Solutech I had lying around. Final version, like the fan duct, is in Prusament Natural PC Blend.

The fan is a MakerHawk 40x10 24V brushless via Amazon.

Built in Tinkercad

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