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Nespresso Vertuo Dispenser

I got a first-gen Nespresso machine eons back and immediately printed out some dispensers for the pods. In fact, these were some of my earlierst prints and the first functional prints allowed in the public spaces of the house. So when I upgraded to the Nespresso Vertuo system, I went hunting for something similar. The new pods are gigantic and I couldn’t just scale up the old models. I eventually found these but had a lot of problems. If nothing else, I could only print out a set amount and I couldn’t join them together. Each one of their dispensers was estimated at five hours and I wasn’t feeling great about spending 10 or 15 solid hours printing with no expandability. Tinkercad to the rescue.

For the original Vertuo dispenser, I took off the arch and replaced it with tabs, like the first-gen dispenser has. I squared up the front and increased the height in the section that holds the box. I also took off all the logos and branding. Then, I told first-gen dispenser, extracted the tab system, played a bit with size, and stuck it on the Vertuo dispenser. And here we are.

Unless you like tabs and holes visible, you’ll need to print at least the left and right models. Print as many middles as you like. Then slide them together. The tolerances on the tab system can be a little tight depending on your printer so you might need to post-process a bit. Came out perfect on mine but ymmv. As for settings, it doesn’t really matter. Need some rigidity around tabs and holes but the rest is dealer’s choice. I printed mine with a 0.4mm nozzle in 3D Solutech Black PLA with two perimeters, 10% rectilinear infill, and 0.3mm layers. For me, each section takes about five hours.

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