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Walmart Lamp Shade

A lamp shade for a Mainstays 5-light Floor Lamp from Walmart. I think it will work for the similar Ikea lamp but haven’t tried it.

There are two models available. The regular one is designed for 0.4mm nozzles. The “thicker” one works for 0.5mm nozzles. The goal on both is for the shade to only involve two perimeters to maximize translucency.

For mine, I print with no bottom or top layers, and with 20% honeycomb infill. That doesn’t necessarily speed up the print but it does cut down on a lot of unnecessary plastic. The bottom needs to be thick enough to stay in place with the attachment ring on the lamp but doesn’t need to be solid.

A word of warning. The photo shows shades printed in various colors of PLA. Unfortunately, the bulbs we have in that lamp are shockingly hot and cause the PLA to soften. YMMV depending on the bulbs you use but these shades may need something like PETG or better for temperature resistence.




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