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3D Printer Roundup

Last year, I bought a 3D printer. Since then, 3d printing has become a bit of an obsession. I’ve owned quite a few printers over the last year and I figured it’s time to do a run-down and some recommendations.

As tends to happen, this became much longer than I anticipated so I’m breaking things out into individual entries. Click through for the review.

Monoprice Mini Delta

Summary: A great printer if you are lucky (or persistent)

Ender 5

Summary: (Updated) Buy an Ender 5 Plus

SeeMeCNC RostockMAX v4

Summary: A great (but proprietary) workhorse printer

Tevo Little Monster

Summary: Avoid like you might a mask-free mass gathering in the age of pandemics

Matterhackers Pulse XE

Summary: Just buy a Prusa. The Pulse is a very expensive and poorly built i3 clone with bad software and clueless support

Prusa i3 MK3S

Summary: A great printer that I recommend with no reservations