First Community Opers

It is my privilege to announce the first batch of community opers.

They are tasked with drafting a charter and maintaining the peace on under the terms of the Standards Of Conduct. We'll have our first meeting at YAPC::NA 2014.

  • Coordinating Network Opers: sungo (me), mst (Matt Trout)
  • Supervising Network Oper: perigrin (Chris Prather)
  • Community Opers (in alpha order):
    • ether (Karen Etheridge)
    • garu (Breno G. de Oliveira)
    • genehack (John Anderson)

Sometimes, when governance is put in place and when the leaders are announced, the shady parts of the community come forward to harass them. Let me be really clear about this. Folks, you had plenty of time to discuss governance sensibly. If you have issues with these community opers, we can discuss it. But if you do more than discuss it, if you harass them in any way, I will take it as a threat to network safety and security and I will respond as strongly as I am allowed under the SoC and governance rules.

It's really unfortunate that I feel the need to document my stance but we've dealt with this before and I lost my sense of humor about it a long time ago.