I am the sungo.

The word "sungo" comes from Henderson The Rain King by Saul Bellow. The story of how I got the title, however, is not one I tell.


My resume is over here.

The Other Five Minutes Of My Day

When I'm not working, I'm usually playing video games. I help run irc.perl.org and am almost always on IRC. I read a lot and have way too many gadgets.

I dabble a bit as a photographer. My photos are at /photos.


All opinions are mine and there's a good chance that my employers (past, present and future) strongly disagree with them. Also, this site may contain "forward-looking statements" about my employer or other entities. Please make note that I'm a goddamn moron, have no "inside information" and, if I did, I certainly as fuck wouldn't tell you. Any predictions I make are likely to be wrong, misinformed or just plain stupid.


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