I am the sungo.

The word "sungo" comes from Henderson The Rain King by Saul Bellow. The story of how I got the title, however, is not one I tell.


I am currently unemployed. If you have a sungo shaped hole in your company, please let me know.

My resume is over here.

The Other Five Minutes Of My Day

When I'm not working, I'm usually playing video games. I help run irc.perl.org and am almost always on IRC. I read a lot and have way too many gadgets.

I dabble a bit as a photographer. My photos are at /photos.


All opinions are mine and there's a good chance that my employers (past, present and future) strongly disagree with them. Also, this site may contain "forward-looking statements" about my employer or other entities. Please make note that I'm a goddamn moron, have no "inside information" and, if I did, I certainly as fuck wouldn't tell you. Any predictions I make are likely to be wrong, misinformed or just plain stupid.


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