State Of The Network

It's time for the first ever State Of The Network report for We're entering a new era in the evolution of the network and it's time we started communicating a bit better with our users. Until recently, we, as operations staff, kept quiet and did our thing. Servers came; servers went; we kept to ourselves. Recently, we had a bit of a wake-up call. Thanks to an incident, which I'll get into here momentarily, we came to realize how important it is that we stop running a closed shop, that we open the network backend to the users and communities.
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The movie: If the end of the world is going to be that boring, I'm going to kill myself now and avoid the torture. The first 30-45 minutes of the movie are what I expected: disaster porn. An absolutely ridiculous rollercoaster where tidbits of plot served only as a vehicle to carry me into the next scene of shit blowing up. And then... it became serious business. Here's the story. (SPOILERS) Science guy figures out we're all gonna die ("The neutrinos have mutated.
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I don't want to go on the cart!

I'm alive and, all things considered, I'm doing pretty well. On Friday, we arrived at the hospital on time, put me in a paper gown, shaved my belly, and removed my gallbladder. (A personal note to hospital staff: if you would let patients know about the need to shave in advance, we can take care of these things ourselves, in ways less likely to cause painful ingrown hairs.) The surgery went very well and the doctor says all of my insides look nice and healthy (except for my now missing gallbladder).
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Robots In My Belly

I'll be the first to admit it: I'm a giant geek. I tried once to set my geekdom aside and that ended very badly. I need to get a tattoo or something to permanently identify myself as a geek so I'll remember not to deny who I truly am. Richard Stevens, the mad genius behind Diesel Sweeties, once twittered: "show me a problem that can't be solved by technology and I'll show you a problem I don't care about.
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Getting Started With POE

Enterprise Perl is a phrase that is thrown around a lot in the Perl community these days. Perl is so flexible that corporations must come to terms with how much of Perl they're going to allow in their development environment. Most of these discussions, however, assume that Perl is only a good choice for automation tasks (single run applications) or WWW applications. Perl simply can't handle the amount of data, transactions, users, etc that other languages can. One would never implement high performance, long running applications in Perl. (Or so the thinking goes.)

In the mid 90s, these thoughts were more or less true. Since then, Perl has grown up. Perl is now capable of handling all but the most speed-thirsty applications and is a prime choice for server-based application design. Several frameworks now exist to make these applications easier to build and easier to maintain.

My framework of choice is the Perl Object Environment, or POE. POE is a single-threaded, event driven, cooperative multitasking environment for Perl.

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