Content Licensing Change

Effective immediately, all content on this blog is licensed Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) unless otherwise stated. That's everything except three old posts that I can't relicense.

My photos over on smugmug are not included in the license change right now. I expect to relicense those soon but I want to roll that into a general photo site update.


As of July 5 2019, I am officially retired from operations of
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To quote ye old wikipedia: ADS-B is "surveillance technology in which an aircraft determines its position via satellite navigation and periodically broadcasts it, enabling it to be tracked". It also provides a good way for pilots to receive telemetry from nearby planes, increasing safety particularly in areas with spotty radar coverage or awful weather. As of Jan 1 2020, most flights in the US are required to broadcast ADS-B messages.
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Cloudlet: The Beginning

This is the beginning of a tale of adventure, perhaps one of woe, one that has no current end. Major characters are established and there is material for a prequel in which many characters are killed off.

This is the beginning of the tale of my attempt to build a personal cloud, a "cloudlet" to borrow a term from C4 Labs, a "cluster" of Raspberry Pi computers.

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A Rant About Git

( This is a modified version of a rant that started on Twitter and ended up on Mastodon )
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