My First Day At Neustar


Today was my first day at Neustar. I've joined up, following in the footsteps of members of the Time Warner Cable diaspora, to help with automating all the things.

My Last Day At Time Warner Cable


Today was my last day at Time Warner Cable.

GPG: Strong Keys, Rotation, and Keybase


I have sort of a love/hate relationship with strong crypto. I love it and hate that my sphere doesn't use it much. That lack of use sometimes leads me to complacency and my GPG key is no exception. I've used the same key since 2008 with no rotation. It's a 1024 DSA primary key with a single RSA subkey. The key's bounced around from machine to machine and who knows if it stayed secure the whole time. Also, DSA has fallen out of favor as has keylengths that short.

Time to generate a new key.