Leaving irc.perl.org

As of July 5 2019, I am officially retired from operations of irc.perl.org.
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To quote ye old wikipedia: ADS-B is "surveillance technology in which an aircraft determines its position via satellite navigation and periodically broadcasts it, enabling it to be tracked". It also provides a good way for pilots to receive telemetry from nearby planes, increasing safety particularly in areas with spotty radar coverage or awful weather. As of Jan 1 2020, most flights in the US are required to broadcast ADS-B messages.
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Cloudlet: The Beginning

This is the beginning of a tale of adventure, perhaps one of woe, one that has no current end. Major characters are established and there is material for a prequel in which many characters are killed off.

This is the beginning of the tale of my attempt to build a personal cloud, a "cloudlet" to borrow a term from C4 Labs, a "cluster" of Raspberry Pi computers.

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A Rant About Git

( This is a modified version of a rant that started on Twitter and ended up on Mastodon )
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GPG: Strong Keys, Rotation, and Keybase

I have sort of a love/hate relationship with strong crypto. I love it and hate that my sphere doesn't use it much. That lack of use sometimes leads me to complacency and my GPG key is no exception. I've used the same key since 2008 with no rotation. It's a 1024 DSA primary key with a single RSA subkey. The key's bounced around from machine to machine and who knows if it stayed secure the whole time. Also, DSA has fallen out of favor as has keylengths that short.

Time to generate a new key.

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